O Christmas Tree

I’m not a native speaker - please excuse any mistakes 😅.

The last weeks I thought a lot about Christmas soaps, but had no idea. Fortunately I made a huge order at Soap Stamps 4 You and so I got this little Christmas Tree. I thought this stamp would look wonderful on a triangle shaped green soap.

DIY Triangle Loaf Mold

To get a perfect equilateral soap I use a DIY Loaf Mold which consists of two old Taiwan-Swirl dividers for the long sides, some plastic foil and some triangle shaped cardboard for the short sides of the mold. Using insulating tape stick them together.

First you need to tape up the two long sides. There should be some space between them, otherwise you can’t fold down the triangle. To seal up the sides I always use some plastic foil, which I cut in a triangle shape. I attach them to the long sides with tape to ensure that no fresh soap can leave the mold. To get an equilateral shaped triangle I cut some templates out of cardboard, which cover the ends of the mold. The templates hold the long sites in the right angle.

To hold everything in position I use the original silicon mold where the dividers belong to. The triangle mold lay safe in the silicone mold and can not fall on the side. 

The tip of the triangle does not touch the bottom of the silicone mold. That is a problem because when the fresh soap is poured in the triangle mold, it will sink down because of the weight of the soap. The long sides will press together and the shape I wanted would be gone. To avoid this I filled the silicone mold with some packaging material on the bottom. To stabilize the long sides I used some cardbord from a carton box, as you can see on the pictures.

This DIY triangle shaped mold is 26 cm long. It’s perfect for a 500 g Fat/Oil batch. I cut soap pieces with 2,5 cm width and get a total of 10 pieces out of it.

Christmas Tree

For the white tip I used a little bit of a fast thickening Fragrance Oil (FO) called Morning Dew WEB. That allowed me to pour the green layer very quickly into the mold. The green soap is scented with the FO Mountain Pine form Behawe. I used a natural colorant called “Veroneser Green Earth” which usually makes a dark green, but therefore the soap must reach gelphase. Since it didn’t, the green colour has remained very bright. But that’s Ok, I like it anyway. The soap stayed in the mold for 3 days. I stamped the pieces directly after cutting. As you can see on the pictures this worked very well.

Christmas Sleigh

For this soap I used also a natural colorant called “English dark red”. I like this deep red colour so much. The soap is scented with the FO “Apple Cinnamon” from Manske. The white tip was again made by using some fast thickening Fragrance Oil. This method generates straight layers and I use it for most of my layered soaps.


I don’t know about you, but I love triangle shaped soaps, so maybe this Post will help some of you to build their own DIY triangle mold – so have fun 😉 and....

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on the german version of this article.